Monday, 25 August 2008

Confessions of a keyboard junkie, and my credentials

 OK... I'll admit it, I've owned every gadget on the planet: Macs, PCs, PDAs, smartphones, webtablets, you name it. The good news is that I consider myself genuinely neutral about "which operating system", because I use them all, and simply don't care. Instead, I want to provide some long-term user reviews of various keyboards and related software from the standpoint of 'good practice' and productivity, and removing the dangers of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and a number of back pain and neck pain injuries that I see creeping up upon us all, especially caused by poor posture during laptop usage.
I'm motivated by the observation that a manufacturer trying to save a few dollars by using a cheaper keyboard is like Mercedes-Benz opting to install hard-to-reach gas pedals in all of its cars: how annoying would that be?
I'll cite my three strongest credentials (my conventional CV, much as I'm proud of it, is irrelevant to this activity, IMHO, so here's what really counts:
1. I've been a speedy touch-typist (80-100WPM) for over 40 years.
2. I'm a long-term users of the nerdiest keyboard on the planet: Das Keyboard (shown in the picture above... no labels!)
3. I have no allegiances: no employer allegiance (I'm retired, as you may have deduced from my 40+ years of typing experience), no operating system allegiance (I use them all as mentioned above), no form-factor allegiance (I use laptops, desktops, PDAs, phones, tablets, etc in different combinations), no brand allegiance (I use everything from low-spec clones to high-sped Big Brands).
4. OK, OK, so here's a fourth: yes, I've (very selectively) "read the literature".
Right... that's it for my first posting... I hope you find some value in what I've got to say!
Happy keyboarding!

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