Saturday, 30 August 2008

CoolStand Laptop Stand Review - using laptop as a desktop

Here on the left is a freshly-unpacked CoolStand (just Google for nearest dealer - I got mine via a third party listed on

Below is a Dell Latitude X1 slotted in at the 'fully open' position (i.e. laptop fully open, CoolStand set with the 'scissors' position almost entirely closed.

This gives me maximal screen height - I plug in an external keyboard and mouse (OK, so there's a bit of 'desktop wiring clutter'... who cares?), and I get the best computer desktop posture for the money, as long as I sit upright. This is all part of my campaign for better laptop posture to alleviate the curse of persistent back pain, as blogged previously.

Personally, I would rate this CoolStand as "10/10": perfect. Cheap, effective, no fuss, trivial to set up, keeps the laptop cool, exactly what I expected it be, no surprises, and the only one I found that is infinitely variable in terms of the laptop sitting angle. I don't know how it copes with super-heavy laptops (though reviews elsewhere suggest it is fine with this). Also please note that MacBooks may be unsuitable for the CoolStand because you can't open the display fully flat the way you can with many PC laptops like the Dell in the photo.

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