Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Review of Logitech Ultra-flat Keyboard

I'm busily re-arranging my work environment so that my posture-killing and back-pain-inducing laptop sits on a stand and I can use an external keyboard and mouse. I picked up this keyboard via - one-day delivery, pretty good! Normally, it's completely idiotic to buy a keyboard by mail-order... you REALLY need to test-drive these things... but if you're desperate, you're desperate, so what the heck...

UK keyboards are inherently brain-damaged in the first place, due to the fact that ENTER/RETURN key is one extra place further to the right of your little finger (in comparison with US keyboards). Generally, I've learned to live with that, though in the past I've gone to the trouble of insisting on US keyboard instead or even buying replacements. You then suffer with crazy '\', '~', and '£' layouts instead, but for day-to-day typing it's worth it. More on that another time... what is this Logitech Ultra-flat keyboard like?

Although gave this keyboard 7.3 out of 10 (average of 34 reviews) and reviewers gave it 4* out of 5* (average of 14 reviews), I guess I'm a little fussier.

Yes, it is cheap, stylish, and 'does what it says on the box' (what keyboard doesn't?), but I'm missing the combination of featherlight touch and tactile positive feedback that a great keyboard gives. So, if you're trying to blast along at very high speed, you can feel a little bit like you're stuck in molasses. Not good... it means that with this layout I've swapped back troubles for wrist/forearm troubles. Nevertheless, it is 'good enough' for the short term use I've intended. Maybe that's what 7.3/10 or 4*/5* actually means... fair enough! It means that I'll use it, won't send it back, am happy with 'value for money' (hey, it's cheap), but wouldn't recommend it to my best friends.

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