Monday, 25 August 2008

Three golden rules

1. Learn to touch type: beg, steal, borrow a teach-yourself program. Do the maths: think how many hours you are going to spend in front of a keyboard for the rest of your life, and the productivity gain from typing 2, 5, or 10 times faster than you do now. DUH! I'll try to add some touch typing tutor reviews eventually, but for my money, KAZ overwhelmingly takes the prize for doing what it says on the tin ("Learn in 90 Minutes") with no-nonsense. (Disclosure: I know the guy who wrote it; BUT I only know him because I wrote an unsolicited rave review to the company after trying about 20 rival products, and we met afterwards!)

2. Sort out your desk: chair, keyboard, screen, the works. Do the maths: compare the cost of a decent back-friendly chair with the cost of repeated visits to the back-injury clinic, MD, physio, or chiropractor. DUH!

3. Forget about "just checking my email for 5 minutes": it's the well-known "gambler's fallacy" ("just one more bet and my luck is bound to improve"). Do the maths: what's the true average length of your so-called "5-minute" sessions? Time it! And set a quitting or a pause/break time... DUH!

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