Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Logitech bluetooth keyboard, iPad touch typing

As an experienced high-speed touch typing user with years of iPad use, I thought it would be useful to report on how I'm getting along with the iPad both with and without an external keyboard (article continues below photo).

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard/cover for iPad 2

Summary: on-screen typing 'good enough', but still frustrating even after 3 years; Logitech is great.

Now for a few more detailed remarks...

Touch typing directly on the iPad: For short emails and general browsing, it's 'good enough', especially since having the iPad as an instant-on go-anywhere device is hard to beat.  One tip I would suggest is to force yourself NOT to look at the keys, and look at the results instead: this will help improve your accuracy over the long run, especially for awkward key combinations that you keep missing.  To be 100% honest, even though I absolutely love my iPad, typing on the screen is still a source of frustration after several years of regular use!  I'm forever correcting keystrokes, and even if you're only correcting 10% of the things you enter, that is WAY too much.

Touch typing with the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard (bluetooth): In one word, hallelujah!  I've typed long emails and multi-page documents on it with no problem.  It doubles as a cover (OK, not as thin as the iPad's own smart cover, but hey, life is full of tradeoffs), and makes bringing my iPad instead of my laptop a no-brainer for short trips, holidays, etc.  Forget about using your iPad as a laptop replacement: it's never going to do that, and it doesn't need to (I'm typing this article on my laptop, which in fact is configured more like a desktop, with a large external monitor and my favourite keyboard, the Das Keyboard with blank keys - but that's my preferred way of working whenever feasible).  The main virtues of the Logitech keyboard are as follows:

  • Good layout
  • Super thin
  • Doubles as cover
  • My accuracy as good as desktop keyboard
  • Comfortable viewing angle
  • Works for me on table or lap (others don't like it on lap) 
In a nutshell: highly recommended!


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Sarah Throlson said...

After using one myself, I've come to the conclusion that an iPad air keyboard is pretty much a must for anyone who uses their iPad even fairly frequently. The time and frustration it saves you when you're typing stuff is just... it just makes whatever it costs so worth it.